Project umeh relieve will also promote First Aid Training Organization and offers courses on first aid as well as general health and safety. Therefore indigenous can now be train in anything from the basic first aid to automated defibrillation and fire marshal skills. However, each course can be adapted to the republic of Benin population’ needs and is guided by experienced staff.

The five programmes are innovative and inspirational – they are:


More often than not when funds are so limited this prevents people being able to afford to buy a helmet and they ride with no protective headgear. Consequently when accidents do occur the injuries are much more likely to be life threatening or fatal.


Project umeh relieve would also provide essential medical equipment which will enable the treatment of acutely and chronically ill patients without having to travel to a hospital. This is turn encourages people to access medical help and provisions without having to depend on an national ambulance service, or pay for their own journey to a hospital which many simply cannot afford.


Project umeh relieve aim to provide first aid training to allocated personnel within regions and villages to prevent death and alleviate suffering in current circumstances where ambulance provision is scarce and response times are inadequate due to lack of provision or distance travelled. Many communities are remote and a long way away from services.


We do not consider it acceptable that people die due to no immediate help on offer or lack of money which means the scarce provisions cannot be accessed. This is preventable with schemes we are suggesting in place. Apart from dealing with emergencies this will greatly increase quality of life. It is difficult to imagine life without basic provision for health care and the lack of dignity and security this creates. This is a major drive for us to rectify this situation as we believe that all lives matter.


First aid training would greatly alleviate these problems faced by the majority of communities. This would not just save lives in case of accident but would help people who are suffering with illnesses to have far better access to treatment and relief of their symptoms. If key personnel were trained even in basic procedures such as c.p.r. then many lives would be saved.


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